​Corrosion signified ​depression of our surroundings.

'I'll Rust With You'

Rust Never Sleeps

As the title of Neil Young’s 1979 album 'Rust Never Sleeps'.


Urban decay and the enduring legacy of industry.


Represents any habit and influence tending to injure, deteriorate, or impair the mind and character.

Rust and Distraction

Despite our best efforts, rust will take hold and grow. Once it starts there is very little chance of containing it.

Rust and Deterioration

Rust converts robust steel metal into a soft crumbling powder.

​​Sea Pattern

Allowing the sea to etch a pattern into metal

Rusted, F​aded glory

Falling victim to the relentless cycle of ​​life and death​​.

'Rust in Peace'.

Neglect, decay, and ruin.

Cycle of life​

The inescapable cycle of life, death and decay will have its way with us al

​Spiritual​ ​deterioration​

Slow decay​ and a ​​physical and ​​​spiritual​ ​deterioration.